Total is made up of close to 100,000 employees who work every day to make energy better. If you'd like to help us meet this exciting challenge, commit with us by joining our team.

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Part of making energy better means conducting our business in a way that benefits as many people as possible. To make sure that our activities have positive impacts for society as a whole, local economies and communities near our production sites, we are involved in a number of projects, alongside local partners with recognized skills and expertise such as institutions, NGOs specializing in education or microfinance and others.

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It takes fresh ideas and a big helping of enthusiasm to make energy better. That's why we're involved in education and youth training around the world. As part of its constant efforts to develop talents, Total in Saudi Arabia offers different high-level educational programs to empower the young Saudi generation.

SATORP runs a highly regarded apprenticeship scheme offering technical training to around 400 Saudi high school graduates. Participants receive tuition in English, mathematics and physics for two years, followed by practical training for another year at a Saudi Aramco or Total refinery. The fully trained apprentices will fill positions at the SATORP refinery once the facility is fully operational.

The company also supports the education of Saudi undergraduates and graduates, with programs leading up to a master’s degree in engineering at the prestigious French Petroleum & New Energies Institute (IFPEN). 

SATORP also runs the College Preparatory Program (CPP), which invites gifted Saudi students to complete engineering and finance degrees at leading British, American and Saudi universities. The aim is to accept all successful graduates of SATORP’s education and training programs at the Jubail refinery when it is fully operational.

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We need everyone's energy to make energy better. That is why Total recruits new employees for more than 500 different exploration, production, refining, chemical and marketing professions. We offer our people many opportunities for advancement, in more than 130 countries. They can change jobs, departments, businesses, fields, countries or even professions — the world is open to them. 

Committing with us to make energy better also means sharing our strengths: our teams' operational excellence, cutting-edge technology in a wide variety of environments, diverse career opportunities and more.

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